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What sells? Great designs. What catches peoples attention? Great designs. What will work for you business? Great design.

Alpine Designs has been creating stunning designs for years, website, videos, social media post you name it. Our designs have been used all over the world, from Samsung to the Toronto Raptors Media.

We don’t copy paste brands, we make brands.
Great branding sells. Tell your #story

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You’re probably asking yourself what separates us from these hundreds or even thousands of marketing agencies out there. Few things, first our design, we create designs that captures attention, close the deal for you and designs that will give your target audience the “wow factor”. I’ve recently worked with a “marketing guru” he claimed he can get your business up to 10,000 leads a month, UP TO TEN THOUSAND LEADS a month. overspends on Facebook Ads, used images that’s not sized for social media, didn’t do a ton of research on the company, doesn’t know anything about the company he’s working for. The result? He got fired.

Second, our commitment. We do not stop, if the campaign isn’t showing results, we reset, we plan again, we think outside the box. WHEN our campaigns are working, we think again, how can we make this campaign go BIGGER? We take risks, that’s how committed we are, that’s how good we are.

Third, our passion. We’re designers first then marketers. Everything you see on our site is created by us, not Google, not by Da Vinci. Art takes time, so does our work.


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Even #samsung knows where to get their designs at. Took us just about 8 hours to edit something like this beaut.

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Alpine Designs has helped over 100+ businesses in and out of Alberta, Canada. Our expertise in design and development helps business to grow and maximize their potential as a company. We believe that having a great brand defeats marketing. 1% of our profit goes to the families in need in Calgary, AB. We encourage business owners to do a research on some of the things that we offer to have a basic knowledge on what we do.